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#NotAllMuslims Plot ‘Charlie Hebdo-Style’ Terror Attack In Madrid

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Another day, another terror plot that’s completely unrelated to any other terror plot, past or future.

Gerard Couzens, Daily Express (UK):

Police in Spain say they have arrested three Moroccans who were ready to commit a Charlie Hebdo-style terror attack.

The trio, accused of forming part of a group linked to Islamic State, were held during dawn raids in Madrid today…

“According to sources in the investigation, they were prepared to carry out, at any moment, terrorist acts like those that have taken place recently in neighbouring countries.

“The operation is ongoing.”

No word yet on who the targets were, but I’m sure they’ve done something hurtful to deserve it. Perhaps they infringed on the rights of Muslims everywhere by drawing a cartoon. Maybe they criticized Islamic beliefs. It could be that they allowed their female relatives to walk around in public, bareheaded and without a male escort. There must be some way to blame anyone but the religious zealots who are actually plotting violence against others.

I’d like to express my condolences to the real victims here: innocent Muslims everywhere. I’m sorry that you’ve been made to feel uncomfortable, just because a few of your more willful co-religionists keep expressing themselves poorly.

Please forgive us, and please, please don’t try to kill us.