Paul Ryan Says The CNBC Debate Moderators Only Looked Out For Their Own Interests [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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[crscore]Paul Ryan[/crscore] says the moderators at the CNBC Republican debate were “trying to do was what was in their interest, not what was in the Republican primary voter’s interest.”

Ryan, appearing on The Hugh Hewitt Show Monday argued that he would like to see debates where the candidates talk “about what are their solutions and how are we going to offer the country a better way forward, a better choice.”

Ryan explained he wants to see the candidates “talking about issues, and not talking about these little spats. I mean, I think what the moderators were trying to do was what was in their interest, not what was in the Republican primary voter’s interest.”

“Look, I see the whole shooting match coming up in 2016. Again, one of the reasons why I chose to do this. And one of the reasons, one of the conditions more or less I talked to my colleagues about. Which is, we’ve got to go on offense. Big and bold, specific agenda and vision in 2016 and let the country choose,” said Ryan.

“Because the kind of an election we have to have is a mandate election. Because if we run on what we intend to do, and we win that election, then we have the moral authority and the mandate, and the accountable for actually putting it into place,” explained Ryan.

“Because if we keep kicking the can down the road, keep running on vague platitudes, the moment will come and the moment will go and we will not save the country. So what I would like to hear at the debates if I were just a ‘Republican Primary voter,’ which I will, and Jen and I are going to go to the Wisconsin debate in about a week. I want hear how they are going to do that,” said Ryan.

“How are they going to present the country with a very clear choice so that we don’t have another third Obama term, which is effectively what the Democrats will give us,” insisted Ryan. “And how we are going to turn the corner. What policies will look like. What does an Obamacare replacement look like? What’s the tax reform look like? What does a strong military look like? What will they do if they get elected so that the people will see it ahead of time and then we can do it. Obama ran on vague platitudes, he was tonally a moderate and then he went hard left. He didn’t run on that.”


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