Fiorina Vs. Trump Social Media War Of Words Heats Up

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Donald Trump blasted Carly Fiorina on Twitter Friday in response to her Facebook post that slammed him and defended Ben Carson. (RELATED: Donald Trump Questions Whether Ben Carson Is A ‘Violent Criminal’)

Thursday, Fiorina wrote on Facebook, “Donald, sorry, I’ve got to interrupt again. You would know something about pathological. How was that meeting with Putin? Or Wharton? Or your self funded campaign? Anyone can turn a multi-million dollar inheritance into more money, but all the money in the world won’t make you as smart as Ben Carson.” (RELATED: Trump: ‘My Father Gave Me A Small Loan Of $1 Million’ [VIDEO])

Fiorina was defending Carson, whom Trump said on Thursday had “pathological” behavior like a “child molester.”  (RELATED: Carson: Trump Didn’t Call Me A Child Molester; Reporters Twisted His Words [VIDEO])

But Trump’s Twitter spree didn’t stop there. Trump referenced last Tuesday’s Fox Business Network debate when he accused Fiorina of “interrupting everybody,” a reference to the Wharton school, and his “60 Minutes” appearance with Vladimir Putin.

Screen Shot of Donald Trump's Twitter

Screen Shot of Donald Trump’s Twitter

It is worth noting that Trump’s “60 Minutes” reference in the tweet is referring to a debunked claim Fiorina made suggesting that she had met Putin in a more exclusive environment than a TV show green room. While it wasn’t a TV show green room, it was a “green room setting” before she gave a speech at an APEC conference in Beijing. Putin and Fiorina met privately for 45 minutes. (RELATED: Actually, Fiorina DID Meet Putin In A Green Room [VIDEO])

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