Paris Theater Hall Threatened By Islamists In 2008 [Video]

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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The owners of the Bataclan Café, the club attached to the concert hall where the most individuals were killed as a result of Friday night’s Paris terrorist attacks by the Islamic State, were previously threatened by a group of Islamists in 2008 over accusations by the group that the Bataclan hosts an annual event with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

It is unconfirmed, however, if the Bataclan actually engages or previously engaged in such yearly galas. However, according to French media,  terrorists intentionally targeted the Bataclan because the owners are Jewish & pro-Israel and the club had received threats previously. (RELATED: Terrorist Arrested: ‘I Am From ISIS’)

A video made in 2008 shows about 10 men whose faces are obscured with headscarves or shemaghs as they walk up to an individual at the nightclub who appears to understand Arabic.

The spokesman of the group demands to talk to someone in charge of the establishment and begins to say that for the past four years, there is a gala that is connected to the IDF.

“Each January this has happened for some years.” He goes on to say that several suburbs around Paris have pockets of people that support the Palestinians and it angers them “from what is a clear provocation.”

The spokesman then goes on to say how the IDF “commits crimes in Gaza, in Jordan and at checkpoints they humiliate women and old Palestinian men. It’s shameful and an outrage—and don’t listen to people who are revolted by the injustice that happens in Palestine.”

He continues to say, “We know that Bataclan welcomes each year galas to collect funds for the IDF. The Bataclan apparently offers the room graciously to those organizers who are the—it’s a little group of racist Israelis. You can see on their internet site that they are against Islam. They are against Arabs and they keep insulting us. We will not continue to accept this. We are clear. We are determined this means that we do not want this gala to take place.”

“We will have the means to meet the director to give this message directly. The security of these events is assured by the Jewish Defense League and by…” He says, “These are groups who assure the security of Bataclan.”

The spokesman accuses the IDF of “beating up women and children” and committing “racist aggressions against Arabs and Muslims.” He mentions other places where Muslims are irritated by the situation including Mont La Jolie and La Cour Neuve and “will not tolerate this provocation any longer and….the rage and revolt in my quartier is something we will have difficulties to control. We want to pass a message. Today I will be nice despite all the people we have behind us, we will not be able to hold them back for long.”

He later tells the camera, that his message to the owner of Bataclan “will assume the responsibility of his acts to the organizer of the Migdal, this pro Israel organization who is racist and an Islamaphobe and spends their time insulting Palestinians.”

He concludes, “You will pay for the consequences of your acts. It’s something very grave which you are going and it’s a message to all preoccupied by the consequences which these provocations could have, [sic] know that in the quarters today. Things move and are heating up. We came today pass[sic]on a message. Next time we will not come to talk to you.”

Gunmen opened fire on and hurled grenades at attendees who filled the 1500 seat concert-hall, which was a sold out event for the U.S. rock group Eagles of Death Metal. At least 128 people were killed by the terrorists who struck at seven different locations in Paris. (RELATED: Paris Attacker Was A Syrian ‘Refugee’)