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Korwin: Global Jihad Resistance Class 101

Alan Korwin Contributor
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Even in gun friendly states like Arizona or Texas, the muslim jihadis can find soft targets. They currently prefer hopelessly soft targets like France, where routine daily gun possession is essentially banned. Leaving the public defenseless is state policy there, even after repeated threats and prior attacks. Heavily armed paramilitary police get to parade around, after the event, once it’s too late, just in time for the camera crews and endless loops on TV.

First let’s get the facts straight. These are not terror attacks. These are not extremists. This is the global muslim jihad being waged on the streets of the world. The person currently in the White House, one the main global apologists for the jihad and its muslim perpetrators can say what he wants, free speech and his office allows this, but do not be fooled. And islamists are not “contained,” as Barack Hussein Obama stated, just prior to the Paris assault, that’s preposterous. No apology for that error has been issued, none is expected.

These people are not terrorists either, like the Irish Republican Army or South American FARQ, as the “news” media constantly labels them. These people are jihadis, dedicated to taking over the world. Terrorism is a tactic, better used as an adjective. Jihad is a noun. Jihadis are people.

What We Need

For all the gun training we have been getting in America, we are not getting any jihad resistance classes, and it’s now overdue. It’s time to call for the development and creation of anti-jihad classes, which will become the most popular self-defense classes since personal firearm-carry classes hit the scene starting back in 1987 in Florida. This idea is so new there is not even a public course outline yet. That must change, right away. The Paris attacks of 2015 establish the imperative.

We’ve been offered virtually no training on how to handle an armed assault on a crowded venue when everyone inside is unarmed. What follows is mostly food for thought. It’s for the nation’s firearms experts and self-defense experts to come up with plans. I’ll be first in line to take some of the classes once they’re offered.

What To Do 

Rush the perps. If they’re going to kill you like fish in a barrel why not charge. That’s how it’s done in war and this is war. Your chances of survival if you sit or stand and wait to be shot are near zero. If you charge your chances may increase, which is good. If any of you get through you win, which is great. If you’re behind a shooter you have tactical advantage, take advantage. I am constantly stunned by pictures of rows of people lined up obediently waiting to be shot or beheaded. Stand up, make a ruckus, don’t obey for God’s sake. Is this bad advice? Good. Come up with something better, and train people with it, now, I beseech you.

Reloading time is vulnerable time. How many “news” reports have to say (a hundred times over) that the perps reloaded. When you’re reloading you’re at risk, and everyone present must take advantage of this. Even if you hate guns or know nothing about them, when a gun is empty it is less effective than a good stick. Stick it to them when they are empty, and preoccupied.

Throw things. Anything. A natural inclination is to duck when something is coming at you. This is an autonomic reflex, it is almost impossible to avoid, even for jihadis prepared to die. If dozens of people all throw whatever they have at the attacker the distraction is valuable, throws off aim, creates a diversion, gives you an edge. You do have things. You want to hang on to your cell phone? It’s heavy, hard and you won’t need it once you’re dead. You can borrow one outside. Same for your handbag, pen, keys, a storm of crap should be going toward the attacker. Or you can let the dirtbag shoot in peace, it’s your option.

The Snake Pliskin Maneuver. Throw something up in the air. In the movie Escape From L.A., the main character throws an object high into the air. While the bad guys watch it, he shoots them all. Watching an object fly is also autonomic, it is hard to resist. What, it’s not fair? Fighting fair is not fair. Winning is fair. Losing is not fair. The people you are up against are the most heinous unfair scum of the Earth. Sticking fingers hard and deep right in their eyes is one of the best things you can do, don’t give me fair.

You should be screaming, yeah. I’m not really sure what, but everyone of you should be at the top of your lungs. Scream commands. The extra confusion can’t help the murderer, and if you shout the right thing it could help. I’ve thought about this a lot, you trainers should be making suggestions. Maybe you should be pointing too, to draw attention to somewhere, aiding the charge. Silence is only valuable if you have a sneak attack from behind available.

Shooting back is tricky. Remember, everyone is moving, jostling, there is no safe backstop. That doesn’t matter to the murderous jihadi, to them it’s all good. To you, an errant shot is murder and you’ll go to trial, good intentions won’t count for anything. The “news” media will be on you (and every other innocent gun owner in the world) like stink on poop if your good shot hits an innocent inadvertently. That’s one of the hoplophobes main anti-gun-rights arguments—you might do harm. With berserk jihadis shooting though, it’s a dubious argument. You need a perfect shot, if you have one, and if you do, God be with you. I don’t know what advice to give you for after that shot, and I wrote the book After You Shoot. Good time to have your .45 and not your pocket .22, eh?

So by now you catch my drift. Our national firearms training corps have to start bringing the public up to speed on how to react when the muslim jihad comes here, because it’s coming. The person currently in the White House can pronounce the situation “contained,” and just cement his position as a fool, and a fifth column supporter of the global jihad, willing to bend over backwards attempting to hide reality from the dimmest members of the public. The rest of you, sign up for Jihad Resistance 101, class size is limited. Instructors, send me your thoughts at

Alan Korwin is the author of 14 books, 10 of them on gun law. His book After You Shoot examines ways to lower your risks after a self-defense shooting. He has been invited twice to observe oral argument in gun cases at the U.S. Supreme Court. Reach him at, where he is the publisher of Bloomfield Press.

Alan Korwin