You Won’t Believe What This Democrat Called People Who Support Concealed Carry

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Democrat Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown said those who support concealed carry licenses are “lunatics.”

Brown’s anti-gun reaction came in response to the proposal of a pro-Second Amendment bill in the Ohio state legislature that would allow individuals with concealed handgun licenses to carry guns in day care facilities, private planes, police departments and airport terminals before the metal detectors.

“They’re all lunatics,” Brown told reporters referring to elected officials who support gun rights, according to (RELATED: Gun Store Reveals The Best Way To ‘Piss Off Obama’)

Brown went further, and said:

The Ohio Legislature’s passed a law to allow concealed weapons in day care centers, but interesting, this same Legislature, in its wisdom, doesn’t allow concealed weapons in the statehouse. When I say they’re lunatics, that’s what I’m talking about. People that think you should allow guns in day care centers but they’re protecting themselves by not allowing guns in their workplace, that would be in that category of lunatics.

The bill’s author Rep. Ron Maag, a Republican, wasn’t too concerned with Brown’s opinion. (RELATED: FBI Data Shows You’re More Likely To Get Beaten To Death Than Killed With A Rifle)

“Perhaps he ought to take a little time to read the Constitution of the United States and maybe he ought to take a little time to read the bill,” Maag retorted.

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