Trump Clarifies Clinton Attack Strategy: ‘There’s So Many Things To Attack Them On’ [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump clarified his Clinton attack strategy saying he only attacked Hillary because she called him “sexist” and in the future any attack on Bill “would be fair game if he did something or said something having to do with foreign policy and other things that I would have disagreed with.”

In an excerpt of an interview to be played in full on Wednesday’s MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Trump said he wouldn’t need to attack the Clintons personally because, “I wouldn’t need to. There’s so many things to attack them on.”

Trump said, “I don’t see it” that the Clintons have backed down from attacking me. “I was mentioned, I was attacked nine times during the debate. Hillary called me sexist. That I had an inclination. What does she know about me? I had an inclination? When she that, I said, ‘Well, your husband’s now campaigning. It is open season.'” (RELATED: Trump: It’s ‘Fair Game’ To Discuss Bill Clinton’s ‘Abuse Of Women’ [VIDEO])

If Bill Clinton wasn’t campaigning for Hillary “maybe it would be different and if he weren’t a past president it would be totally different,” Trump said. “But he’s campaigning for her.”

“All I did was you know, recite history,” Trump claimed. “Don’t forget. He [Bill] lost his law sentence, he wasn’t allowed. He was impeached. He wasn’t allowed to practice law. He settled for a tremendous amount of money. I mean, there’s a lot of things going on there. And she calls me sexist?” (RELATED: CNN Anchor Shocked To Learn There Are 14 Women Who Claim Bill Clinton Sexually Assaulted Them [VIDEO])

Host Joe Scarborough then suggested that in recent days, the Clintons have backed down on their attacks on Trump. The presidential candidate disagreed claiming, “I don’t call it that because tomorrow they can start it up. I’m just saying this. It’s fair game. When they attack me I’m going to attack them. Now if they don’t, I would leave it off the table.” (RELATED: Bill Clinton Takes Shot At Donald Trump’s ‘Temperament’)

Scarborough replied, “You’re saying today, you’re only going to bring up Bill Clinton’s past history as a possible sexual harasser if she accuses you of being sexist?”

“Sure. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what it was. It had nothing to do with ISIS. Now with ISIS, she lied,” Trump argued. (RELATED: Trump Responds To Being Featured In Terrorist Propaganda: ‘I Have To Say What I Have To Say’ [VIDEO])

Regarding a possible attack from Hillary Clinton on Trump’s economics or foreign policy, Trump said, “Now he would be fair game if he did something or said something having to do with foreign policy and other things that I would have disagreed with.”

Scarborough followed up, “But you wouldn’t attack him on a personal front?”

“No, I wouldn’t need to,” Trump explained. “There’s so many things to attack them on.”

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