ESPN Host DESTROYED Wisconsin For Trying To Censor Free Speech At Sporting Events [VIDEO]

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN host Scott Van Pelt unleashed an incredible rant on Thursday night about the schools in high schools in Wisconsin being encouraged to ban common phrases at sporting events.

The WIAA, which controls high school sports in Wisconsin, released an e-mail with a list of common phrases such as “airball” and “scoreboard” to schools as a reminder that those phrases should be not be spoken. (RELATED: Wisconsin High School Sports Guidelines Ban Students’ Taunts)

Van Pelt was not having any of that insanity, and reminded the world on “SportsCenter” that, “shielding them [high school kids] from things that aren’t even harmful makes them feeble and weak minded, and they’re not. They can handle it, so let them.”


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