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EXCLUSIVE: Ed Schultz Quits His Impressive Super PAC

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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Behemoth broadcaster Ed Schultz has quietly resigned from the super PAC he founded shortly after leaving MSNBC and a disastrous trial for breach of partnership.

What a loss for Democrats.

In a virtually unnoticed YouTube video, Schultz says he is now too much of a busy beaver to head Americans for a Strong Middle Class. After all, last month he started a new show on the Russian government-controlled television channel, RT America.

“I gotta be realistic with my time. I mean [right now] I am spread pretty thin.”

The video was posted Jan. 30, the day after Americans for a Strong Middle Class, which Schultz had envisioned as a liberal counter-part to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, filed its first FEC report.

The super PAC, which boasted a tony headquarters at a downtown Washington UPS Store, reported receiving a $25 donation and a $100 loan during its first three months of operation.

Even more impressive, the group announced that it owed $10,345.44 for legal services and $3,000 to a web design company.

It disbursed zero dollars.

Not quite what Schultz envisioned when he launched it last October.

“I feel like I am perfectly positioned with my national platform, with my name and visibility and credibility with the middle class, to be the person to head up this super PAC,” he told  Inforum.com. “We are a 527; we are a nonprofit; we are incorporated in Washington, D.C., and we are going to get involved in issues around the country that are vital to a strong middle class, with our focus on jobs and wages, health care, education, trade agreements and justice.”

The Fox News wannabe contended that, “Middle class issues are here to stay. This transcends any candidate or any issue or any election cycle.”

At least they did for Schultz until he got something slightly better to do.