NY Times Columnist Apologizes For Trump Assassination Attempt Joke

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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New York Times columnist Ross Douthat apologized for joking about Donald Trump’s presidential campaign ending in an assassination attempt.

Wednesday, Douthat tweeted, “Good news guys I’ve figured out how the Trump campaign ends.” Then he linked a clip from the 1983 movie “The Dead Zone,” starring Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen. In the film, there is an assassination attempt on a politician. He has since deleted the tweet.

Inforwars reported that Walken’s character attempts to kill Sheens’s character, but Sheen uses a baby has a human shield, thus destroying his credibility. (RELATED: Trump Reportedly Always Wears A Bullet-Proof Vest)

“A lot readers were offended by my Trump/”Dead Zone” joke from yesterday,” Douthat wrote Thursday. “I can see why, and I’ve deleted the tweet. Apologies.”

Douthat who is a conservative, posed the question in his Wednesday column, “Are better odds for reform conservatism worth a choice between four or eight years with President Hillary or our own nuclear-armed Berlusconi?”

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