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Chicago Woman Stopped For Driving With 15-Foot Tree In Grille

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Today is International Women’s Day.

Clifford Ward, Chicago Tribune:

The Roselle police report may not have captured all the color of the incident. It did, however, get to the heart of it.

“Stopped for driving with a large tree embedded in the front grille,” the report reads…

The tree was estimated to be about 15 feet tall…

The motorist, Maryann Christy, 54, of the 500 block of Spruce Court in Schaumburg, told police that she struck the tree somewhere in her hometown, but didn’t remember where…

What, these cops have never heard of a car with the trunk in the front?

Since we are new to Facebook, we were not quite sure what to expect from our post. We have received requests to post the video from this call. Some just didn't believe it was true, so we have attached a short video of this call.The first portion of the video is in slow-motion and shows the car traveling in the opposite direction; the second portion shows the officer trying to stop the car and then as he approaches the driver. Yes, it is true and it happened! DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

Posted by Roselle Police Department on Monday, March 7, 2016

I’m glad this branch of law enforcement got to the root of the problem.

Drivers, take note: If you’re at home and you’ve had too much to drink, no matter how much you might pine for more, don’t be a sap. Don’t leave. Stick around. The rest of us willow yew a debt.

Ummm… something about bark? I got nothin’.

I like that the cop was listening to “I’m Still Standing.” That’s what the tree said too!

Jim Treacher