New York Conservative Activist Warns Lawmakers To Endorse Trump Or Else

Kerry Picket | Political Reporter

New York state businessman Carl Paladino threatened New York Republican congressmen with political attacks if they don’t support Donald TrumpTuesday.

Paladino, who ran an unsuccessful race for governor on the GOP ticket in 2010, sent an an email blast to 50,000 supporters following numerous phone calls with eight of the nine Empire State’s Republican congressmen who told the Buffalo developer they would not endorse Trump, reports.

Only one New York GOP congressman, [crscore]Chris Collins[/crscore], who represents Paladino’s district, endorsed Trump recently.

Paladino wrote of the eight Republican House members who rebuffed Trump: “None of you is a profile in courage…You cannot stay neutral any longer; it conflicts with your job description.”

He added, “You are supposed to make decisions in the best interests of your constituents. They’re angry. It’s a festering anger, built up over the years by a smoke and mirrors government working to keep the political class comfortably feeding at the public trough.”

“This is the beginning,” Paladino told regarding Tuesday’s email. “This is the nice one. It’s going to get worse for those that continue to hold out. I’m being nice.”

Paladino promised to put more pressure on them saying, “I’ll up the ante a little bit more in the next one I send. For those that continue to hold out, I will do everything I can to marginalize them. People like to read what their representatives are doing.”

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