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It’s Sexist To Point Out That Hillary Is Shouting, Just Because She’s Shouting

Hillary Clinton’s voice is annoying at the best of times. When she gives a victory speech, that is not the best of times. At least not for anyone with the gift of hearing.

Does she know she has a microphone in front of her?

Of course, commenting on the sound of Hillary’s voice is sexist, because she’s a woman. Jay Newton-Small (who is a girl), Time Magazine:

Clinton faces a sexist double standard when she gets passionate. Sanders yells and people get passionate with him. Clinton yells and people think they’re yelling at them. Perhaps it’s because our mothers tended to be the disciplinarians of the family, but most Americans are hard-wired to react negatively when a woman yells—even if she’s just yelling because, hey, she won…

One got the sense her performance was being judged not only for the technical execution but for performance: like a gymnast who doesn’t flash the judges a big grin after sticking the perfect landed [sic]. What man ever got a demerit for being too serious?

No man has ever received such treatment. Ever. In the history of the world. If Jay Newton-Small can’t think of an example, it has never happened.

The only possible explanation for any criticism of Hillary Clinton is that the critic is sexist.

Also appropriately aghast at this blatant hatred of women is Aaron Rupar at “Think” “Progress”:

This is far from the first time media members have used gender-encoded language to describe Clinton. In early February, Journalist Bob Woodward of Watergate fame said Clinton “shouts” too much, and MSNBC’s Morning Joe commentators launched into a lengthy discussion that touched on many of the common tropes about Clinton: “screaming,” acting “unnatural,” and being “feisty.”

Got it? Don’t say she’s “shouting” or “screaming.” Also avoid terms like “shrieking,” “squawking,” “caterwauling,” and especially “cawing like a dying bird.” This is gender-encoded language, in much the same way that any term used to criticize Obama is race-encoded language. If you say such things, you are racist, sexist, and every other sort of -ist.

This is the sort of political correctness that’s driving the weak-minded toward Donald Trump, but those of us who are smart enough to think for ourselves know better. We can criticize Hillary even though she’s a woman, and we can criticize Trump even though he’s running as a Republican. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

And the less you like it, the more we love it. 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot: Don’t tell her to smile more. Not because it’s sexist, but because her attempts to mimic human emotions are positively chilling.

Now, enjoy some more of Hillary Clinton’s gratingly awful voice as she says some more stupid things: