Kathleen Matthews Slammed By Opponents Over ‘Hardball’ Campaign Donors

(REUTERS/Mike Theiler)

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Following news that 48 of Chris Matthews’ “Hardball” guests have donated to his wife’s campaign, the other candidates in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District are lining up to call foul on Kathleen Matthews.

On Monday, Republican candidate Aryeh Shudofsky called on MSNBC to suspend Chris Matthews’ show for the duration of Kathleen’s campaign. Shudofsky accused Kathleen Matthews — who is running as a Democrat — of “inappropriately benefiting from her husband’s position,” according to CNN Money. In an interview with The Daily Caller, Shudofsky described Matthews as a part of the “world of insiders” that has damaged American politics.

Democratic candidate David Trone’s campaign made a similar point in a statement released to TheDC on Tuesday.

“The revolving door of political insiders trading favors with each other is just one reason why so many have lost faith in our political system. Washington is working for them and not us,” the statement said. “There’s nothing illegal about it. But, if the allegations are true, it certainly begs the question of whose interests Kathleen Matthews will represent in Congress.”

Another Democratic primary candidate, nonprofit executive Dave Anderson, told TheDC: “These questions about the integrity of this election arise when multi-millionaire members of the establishment elite raise money from their multi-millionaire friends.”

Anderson said it’s “for the voters to decide whether they believe Matthews acted ethically.”

Last Friday, The Intercept reported that 48 of Chris Matthews’ “Hardball” guests have given $79,050 to Kathleen’s campaign. Some donors gave to the campaign just days before appearing on “Hardball.” Similarly, TheDC reported on Tuesday that Chris Matthews twice used his show to promote “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” after director J.J. Abrams contributed to his wife’s campaign.

MSNBC has denied that Kathleen’s donors had any bearing on who “Hardball” invited as guests. “Hardball has never booked a guest in exchange for a political contribution,” the network told CNN Money. “That is an offensive accusation that would violate not only the standards of NBC News, but also Chris’ personal ethics. Chris has been honorable to his network, his viewers, and his profession from the beginning of his wife’s campaign and he will continue to be.”

TheDC reached out to Kathleen Matthews for comment but did not hear back by press time.

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