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Quote of the Day:

“Just felt it! Wow my heart jumped.”

Politico Europe’s Tara Palmeri in reaction to an airport explosion at the Belgium airport.



Luke Russert’s EPIC tweet 

“I still don’t think Ryan gets pushed into the race but this speech would be epic (overused word but appropriate here) if given in CLE.” — NBC’s Russert, a congressional correspondent.

A REALLY great idea from Breitbart‘s Boyle…

“Can we call him Ted! (drop the Cruz) now? Just TED!” — Breitbart News editor Matthew Boyle.

This TV journo naps while he has his makeup done

“Getting a quick nap in while Phyllis does my makeup..back late last night but we have a very important show for u!” — CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Seriously important news from Pat Sajak

“Latest Facebook stat: 56% of all photos posted since 2013 feature at least one tongue being stuck out.” — Pat Sajak, host of TV’s “Wheel of Fortune.”

Media reporter anticipates what happens after he dies 

“I feel like the day after I die my inbox will be flooded with emails from people who ‘just want to follow up’ on a pitch they had sent.” — Jeremy Barr, media reporter, Ad Age.

Trump Vs. Cruz and their wives 

“Pretty obvious to everyone you’re ignoring the fact Team Cruz drew first blood here.” — Breitbart NewsJohn Nolte.

WaPo “humor” columnist defends female pooping habits 

“Very few women poop, Rob. Don’t project your nasty habits on them.” — Gene Weingarten.

Travel Bitches 

“If there is a hell, there’s no doubt that one would have to go through gate 35X at National Airport to get there.” — NBC “MTP” host Chuck Todd.