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Quote of the Day:

“Cruz to reporter who asked him to ‘more definitively’ deny the National Enquirer story: “I recognize that you love going into the gutter.”

Patrick Svitek, a reporter for the Texas Tribune who is covering GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.



BuzzFeed D.C. bureau chief has a strong reaction to Kanye West

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AP gets it completely WRONG 

“WASHINGTON (AP) – Capitol officials: 1 Capitol police officer shot, not seriously, shooter in custody.” — Phil Mattingly, CNN correspondent. CNN’s story later changed to reflect what actually happened.

Interesting choice of words…

“Shots fired?????” — Greta Van Susteren, FNC.

Russert states the obvious: lots of police activity

“Shelter in place order just went over PA systems in the Capitol. A lot of police activity near visitor center. Roads closed.” — NBC Capitol Hill correspondent Luke Russert.

Words of comfort…

“Police telling tourists to run away from Capitol.” — Scott Wong, The Hill.

“Lockdown at WH too. May be linked to security situation at Capitol.” — Mark Knoller, CBS News radio.

WTF: WaPo “humor” columnist jokes about man with gun on Capitol Hill 

“Please panic in place as shots are fired at the U.S. Capitol.” — WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten. “You may resume your numbingly ordinary existence. The shooter has been captured, no one is deceased.”


“Woman outside talking to press about #capitolshooting: ‘say we’re here lobbying for HR 2759, hashtag medicare… I’m not kidding’ 1 Capitol police officer shot; ‘he’s gonna be ok’ says his colleague. “‘You’re such a whore…a news whore,'” man next to her comments. — The Daily Beast‘s Asawin Suebsaeng.

Journalist promises to be fair to all the presidential hopefuls 

“Heading off to Wisconsin now….Good luck to Trump, Cruz, and Kasich. I will be fair to all of you.” — Breitbart NewsPatrick Howley.