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ABC’s ‘The View’: ‘Relax, Bernie Baby. You Know How We Love You’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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As predicted, comedian Joy Behar couldn’t have been more orgasmic to have Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders in her midst on ABC’s “The View” Friday.

While introducing him to the stage, she remarked, “Relax, Bernie. You know how we love you.”

Funny, ex-presidential hopeful Ben Carson didn’t get that reception.


Behar gushed as she offered him campaign advice.

“I have to tell you I am happy you won YUUGE in Wisconsin,” she said. “…I’m happy for you. What I am not happy about is that the Democrats, you and Hillary, have taken a turn that I don’t like. It’s like you’re starting to turn on each other like the Republicans. I liked it that you were such a gentleman, such a mensch. She was even being ladylike about it. I loved that. Don’t go down to their level.”

Bernie conceded her point about his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, but tried to defend himself.

“Fair. Good point,” Sanders replied, sounding as he always does, like comedian Larry David. “And I hope that stops. The people of this country understand we have some enormous crises. …Certainly they do not want to have us act like Republicans or embarrassment [sic] of this entire country in terms of how they are running their campaign. All I will say in defense — and I hope we can get beyond this — is we have won six out of seven perception … I just wanted to make it clear to the Clinton people, yes, I come from a nice little state of Vermont, but if we’re hit, we can hit back.”

Raven-Symoné asked about the attacks on Sanders being a Democrat since even he admits he’s a Socialist.

“I have been in the Democratic Caucus in the House for 16 years,” Sanders said. “I was in the Democratic Caucus in the Senate for 9 years. I was Chairman of the Veterans Committee for 2 years. I am now the ranking member elected by Democrats on the Budget Committee… After 25 years in the Democratic Caucus, that makes me a Democrat. But..I am the longest serving Independent in the history of the United States Congress.”

The subject of Clinton supporting the Iraq war came up. Behar remarked that Clinton regrets that vote.

“She regrets a lot of things,” Sanders said. He quickly tried to pretend like he was softening his tone. “In saying that I don’t mean to be sarcastic,” he continued. “We all make mistakes. I regret less than she does because I had the courage to vote the right way even when it was not necessarily popular.”

He brought up the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which Clinton supported and he opposed.

“Sometimes you have to stand up even when it’s unpopular,” he said.

When asked to name his celebrity crush, Sanders stated the obvious.

“Joy,” he said, stumbling to think of one and looking gratefully at Joy Behar, the host who has always made his appearances so easy.

Behar closed out the segment saying, “We loved having you here yet again.”

Just in case that wasn’t obvious.