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Quote of the Day:

“You’ll be surprised to learn it smells like pot here at the Bernie rally in Washington Square Park.”

Kasie Hunt, MSNBC.



This Florida reporter had quite a Wednesday  

“Morn: Crenshaw 2 quit US House Lunch: Dade mayor blasts Carnival Dinner: Trump top aide wont B prosecuted
FL politics=drinking from firehose” — Marc Caputo, Politico Florida Playbook.

From the peanut gallery…

“Oh good. Let’s talk about Corey and Michelle some more.” — Breitbart News‘s Lee Stranahan.

The Advisor 

“If Michelle Fields would just apologize this would all go away. Fox News might even let her back on air.” — Eddie Scarry, media reporter, The Washington Examiner.


“I had giardia once and I lost so much weight. It was very painful but I really looked great.” — Mother JonesBen Dreyfuss. Editor’s note: For the uninformed, giardia is a parasitic illness that involves a lot of diarrhea.

Katrina Pearson: ‘Journalism is dead’ 

“You quote me and then re-quote me with your interpretation of my original quote. Yes, #JournalismIsDead.” –Trump national campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pearson, responding to Kristi Burton Brown, who wrote, “@KatrinaPierson You said ‘The CEOs…should…let the politicians make their policies.’ That’s saying CEOs have no right to speak on this.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is shocked about something 

“Somewhat amazed that ‘Longest Serving Republican Speaker Of The House In History Turns Out To Be A Child Molester’ isn’t a bigger story.” — Chris Hayes.

Wait….so is T. Becket Adams

“How is the Hastert story not flooding the zone?” — Washington Examiner‘s T. Becket Adams.

The Observer

“Ryan Reynolds is not that good looking.” — Mary Chastain, Breitbart. 

UH OH: Pepper spray at Donald Trump rally

Police in Pittsburgh warning people outside Donald Trump’s rally that they might use pepper spray. — Jenna Johnson, WaPo.

Journo learned something by watching hours of HGTV

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from hours of HGTV, it’s that someone having kids means giving up everything they’ve ever loved.” — Sarah Emerson, Motherboard.

Reporter feels as old as Kobe Bryant

“Feeling as old as Kobe knowing I can’t stay up for this game without a Red Bull in hand.” — HuffPost‘s Igor Bobic.

Four stars for Caroline Cruz 

“Anyone else kind of want to be friends with Caroline Cruz even though she’s in elementary school?” — The Weekly Standard‘s Shoshana Weissmann.

“I want Caroline Cruz to be president.” — Paige Lavender, senior politics editor, HuffPost.

Ass kissing at its finest…

Brian Stelter: “{CNN ordering more episodes of ‘@AndersonCooper interviews adorable kids’ right now}”

Oliver Darcy: “Probably the best part of this week’s CNN town hall series.”

The Mirror: That is some serious ass kissing Oliver.

Oliver Darcy:  “Honest question: who am I ass kissing? @brianstelter @andersoncooper.”

The Mirror: I hope you’re not asking me dishonest questions.

Ted Cruz’ teeth … or are those his lips? 


“I have been staring at this photo for the past 15 mins trying to figure out if Ted Cruz’s teeth are showing or not.” — Gawker‘s Ashley Feinberg.