In Iowa, Ninth-Grade Girls Hire MALE STRIPPER For Their Swim Club Banquet

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Some ninth-grade girls hired a male stripper to perform at the yearly banquet for their high school synchronized swimming club.

The students attend Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, Iowa, reports area ABC affiliate KWWL.

The banquet and accompanying the male strip show occurred on Friday at the Des Moines Social Club, “a vibrant hub of art and culture.”

The synchronized swimming club, the Sharks, is America’s oldest high school synchronized swimming club. Students in grades 9 to 12 are eligible to participate in the student-funded club.

An adult sister of one of the ninth-grade girls actually placed the stripper order.

The stripper did not take off all of his clothes. It’s not how clear exactly how naked he got.

About 15 minutes into the striptease show, a Des Moines Social Club employee decided enough was enough for the minors in the crowd and asked the unidentified exotic dancer to stop performing.

No school employees attended the banquet.

It’s not clear if parents attended.

Roosevelt High principal Kevin Biggs decided not to punish any members of the synchronized swim team for the banquet kerfuffle because, he said, they didn’t break any school rules.

“They were doing it as a joke and a prank,” Biggs told The Des Moines Register. “They didn’t realize, as many 14- and 15-year-old girls and boys don’t, the ramifications of their decision.”

“It’s not illegal. It’s immoral in our eyes,” the principal also told the newspaper. “But immoral doesn’t necessarily mean that students are going to face consequences such as suspensions, or something along those lines.”

Des Moines police spokesman Paul Parizek said no one reported the incident as a crime.

“Not knowing the circumstances, there’s no way we can know if anything illegal occurred,” Parizek told the Register.

Information about the number of synchronized swim teams in Iowa is difficult to find.

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