Wasserman Schultz: Sanders Supporters’ Tactics ‘Border On Harassment’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Rep. [crscore]Debbie Wasserman Schultz[/crscore], chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, claimed that Bernie Sanders’ supporters tactics of getting the attention of superdelegates “border on harassment and feel like stalking.”

In an interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN’s “New Day” on Thursday, Cuomo asked Wasserman Schultz about some of Sanders’ supporters setting up a website that has the names and address of superdelegates and wondered if it was a “harassment dynamic.” (VIDEO: Jane Sanders: How The Democratic Party Nominates Their Candidate Is ‘Wrong’)

Wassserman Schultz replied, “There is always a fierce effort to make sure that candidates’ supporters can win over those unpledged delegates because they can decide all the way up until they get to the convention. But, you know, using tactics that border on harassment and feel like stalking is really something that, I hope, our campaigns really condemn.” (RELATED: Superdelegate: ‘We’re Not Rigging The Process, We’re Part Of The Process’)

Wasserman Schultz said that “enthusiasm is fantastic. Making sure we have appropriate contact and outreach is just great.”

“But intimidation is not OK, and I’m not suggesting that that’s occurring right now, but I think we need to make sure that we are careful about how we persuade, so to speak,” the Florida congresswoman claimed.

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