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Erick Erickson Is ‘Trying Not To Die’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Radio host Erick Erickson published an eye-popping post on his Resurgent website Sunday night.

Is he dying?

His outpouring of health problems indicates that he’s on the mend, but it’s not entirely clear.

Erickson said readers might be wondering about his whereabouts, since it’s been four whole days since he’s been online. The buried lede: He’s been surviving blood clots on his lungs.

Which is a semi-decent excuse for leaving the Twittersphere.

The bulk of the story talks about the mundane details of being tired for the past two months. He dragged at the gym. Ordinary activities, like carrying packages from the car, left him out of breath. Even his dog began acting “weird” around him.

Eleven graphs in, Erickson states, “Over the course of the past few weeks my lungs have been filling with blood clots.”

Doctors told him he should be dead.

Erickson often brings Biblical passages and prayer in his writing,

“Ecclesiastes says there is a time to heal and a time to be silent,” he wrote. “My time for both has come. I am healing slowly. My breath has returned. My blood-oxygen level is back into the high nineties. But I need a few more days before I again engage with the world.”