Odds Are You Need A Surge Protector. Good News: These Are On Sale

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Surge protectors are like batteries — you never seem to have any available when you need them most. Instead of constantly rearranging wires and cords each time you need to plug in a new device, prepare in advance with this great deal.

Select Belkin surge protectors are now on sale at Amazon, and the prize is the 12-outlet model, which normally costs $50. Today you can get it for $17.98 — that is, for 64 percent off.

While that version will get you the most outlets (just think about all the cords you can plug in with 12 outlets!), there are other options to consider. The 6-outlet wall mounted protector is down from $25 to $14, and its ability to expand regular outlets from its perch provides real functionality.

Even the traditional 6-outlet model is 58 percent off. You can get it today for $5.49 — less than the price of your favorite Starbucks drink.

For whatever reason, you never have enough surge protectors, and it becomes a huge pain when you run out of outlets. Now’s the time to load up and save yourself that future headache.

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