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Quote of the Day:

“Fancy dinners in D.C. now include selfie sticks at every table. I have won.”

Benny Johnson, IJReview‘s Creative Director.



BuzzFeed world editor finally dumps

BuzzFeed‘s DC Bureau Chief John Stanton: “How’s the writing going?”

Miriam Elder: “I finally got unconstipated.”

CBS’s John Dickerson started out as a secretary

“Thinking of failure and presidential candidates there’s also another category: jobs or opportunities you didn’t get that you are really glad you didn’t get. I, for example, almost went into banking right out of college when I needed a job. My wife got the job instead and I had to take a job as a secretary at Time Inc. for one of the most generous men I’ve known, Joe Quinlan who let me stumble around trying to become a journalist and who taught me about generosity and the news business.” — CBS “Face the Nation” John Dickerson.

Reporter bothered by Elton John song in her head 

“Fucking Tiny Dancer is playing now kill me. …I can’t get it out of my head. …Tiny dancer in my heeeeaaaad.” — The Daily Beast‘s Olivia Nuzzi.

Journo sprains ankle 

“There’s a first for everything: I sprained my ankle yesterday. And given all the running around that I do, this may be a metaphor.” — Jose Antonio Vargas, founder of EmergingUS, undocumented gay Filipino, formerly with HuffPost and WaPo.

WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery engages with Daily Caller blogger

Wes got into it with TheDC’s Jim Treacher….

TREACHER: The only person who’s lost a job because of this is @jothamist. I don’t see you crying over him.

LOWERY: @jtLOL going to regret engaging, but genuinely don’t even understand what you mean by that.

TREACHER: Tell that to Jotham Sederstrom.

The Observer

“A strong editor makes you a better writer/producer. A bad editor makes you want to die.” — Naheed Mustafa, producer, writer, broadcaster.

Mike Elk goes on a Tinder date and THIS happens

“That moment when you are on a tinder date & a woman googles you & immediately goes for @betsyscribeindc articles.” — labor organizer and ex-Politico reporter Mike Elk.

And now a word on Harriet Tubman…

“Will Harriet Tubman’s face be easier to snort cocaine off of? A nation ponders…” — Breitbart News‘s Patrick Howley.

D.C. Communications Director suffering from spring allergies

“This is the worst East Coast allergy spring anyone can remember, right? I have to believe it’s not just me.” — ReutersErin McPike, communications director for 1776. 

Humblebrag Alert…

“Hate having a quote from a story being used for phony-outrage fundraising email.” — Politico‘s Glenn Thrush — as pointed out by Washington Examiner‘s Eddie Scarry.

Humblebrag Alert II?! 

“I’ve produced interviews with past, current and future Presidents. I’m more excited about having Ben and Jerry in studio on @bpshow at 730am.” — Peter Ogburn, executive producer for The Bill Press Show.

The Observer II: Kasich is not as nice as you might think 

“Kasich’s whole shtick is that he’s electable and really nice, when actually he doesn’t win and isn’t so nice when people point that out.” — Christopher Bedford, editor-in-chief, The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A puppy changes this journalist’s day 

“There was a 3-month-old portuguese water puppy outside my office this morning and it made my day exponentially better.” — J. Lester Feder, world correspondent, BuzzFeed News.

Journo Hate Mail: Mother Jones editor David Corn is called a ‘corrupt hack’

@CATS_PAWS: “Hey Corn, you’re just another corrupt hack. How much are you paid to sell out?”

Corn: “God bless you.”

And now a word on bathrooms…

“These laws make it so there’s no reason to not have unisexual bathrooms with stalls that are more private. Gender has become meaningless.” — RedState‘s Ben Howe.

Anonymous journo: “I don’t know why every fucker needs a newsletter.”