Gingrich: ‘Trump May Turn Out To Be The Most Effective Anti-Left Leader In Our Lifetime’

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich says “Donald Trump may turn out to be the most effective anti-left leader in our lifetime.”

Appearing on Fox News’s “Hannity” on Tuesday, Gingrich said that “if you are not for Donald Trump, you functionally are for Hillary Clinton and she is going to create the most radical Supreme Court, take away your right to bear arms, eliminate your religious liberty, and move this country dramatically to the left.”

Host Sean Hannity said, “There were two great moments in terms of the conservative movement. Obviously the Reagan presidency. The second one is when you became the Speaker of the House. The [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] supporters that questioned Donald Trump’s conservatism, specifically, that are saying maybe never Trump, they can’t abandon their principles, what is your answer to that?”

Gingrich replied, “First of all, Donald Trump may turn out to be the most effective anti-left leader in our lifetime. He is against political correctness. He is against bureaucracy. He places American nationalism first which I think we desperately need. I’m tired of being told we have to have phony agreements and phony efforts.”

“I watched John Kerry rush from five star hotel to five star hotel trying to a Syrian peace agreement that is absurdity. So I think Trump in that sense may be a return to more of an Eisenhower kind of realism that is nonetheless very conservative. And he may do more to dismantle the left than anybody in our lifetime including Reagan and me. So I don’t despair.”

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