National Review Could Endorse Clinton Over Trump [VIDEO]

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National Review editor Rich Lowry says the magazine wants “the dust to settle” before they state publicly whether they will endorse Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

During Tuesday’s election night coverage on Fox News, Lowry complained that Trump will “attack” Clinton from the left. (RELATED: National Review Writer: Working-Class Communities ‘Deserve To Die’)

Host Megyn Kelly asked Lowry how he felt realizing that Trump was the inevitable Republican nominee, to which Lowry replied, “Well, we’re disappointed. But look, first of all, I have to tip my hat to what Trump has achieved to be able to win a major party nomination in the modern era basically without having pollsters, without having speech writers, without having a fundraising team, with having very little organization and just going out there and doing it on gut instinct and big rallies and media interviews.”

Trump’s campaign strategy was “completely incredible,” Lowry said, but that’s when the pleasantries about the New York billionaire’s campaign ceased. Speaking on behalf of the National Review, Lowry said, “We do think this is a mistake for the party. We do think that Reagan-style conservatism is basically going to be in exile now in the Republican Party at least for some period of time.”

Kelly followed up, “What does Rich Lowry and those people in the Never Trump edition of National Review do?”

“Well, some of them are just Never Trump and they’re not going to vote for him no matter what. We haven’t officially said that yet. We want the dust to settle and then make a carefully considered statement but this is going to be a bizarre election. I don’t think people have gotten their heads around it. The size of the government basically won’t be an issue between Trump and Hillary. Trump will, when it suits his interests attack her from the left and attack her from the right. We’re going to have a Republican presidential nominee attacking Hillary Clinton for her Iraq war vote from the left.”

“Bernie Sanders pushed Hillary to the left on the trade and social security, and she’s not going to come back in the center in a general election because Trump would attack her from the left on those issues as well. So this is a completely different Republican nominee than we’ve seen in decades and decades.”


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