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North Carolina Bathroom Law Inspires Transgender Hoaxster

YouTube screenshot/Rutherford Nucleus

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Another hoax bites the dust. And another one gone, and another one gone…

Thanks to Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam and several other names from the past, we now know that the state of North Carolina wants boys to go potty in the boys’ room and girls to go potty in the girls’ room. This has caused quite a ruckus among has-been rockers and SJWs and other science-deniers, but boycotts and hashtags just aren’t doing the job. Now it’s time to start inventing harassment out of whole cloth.

WGHP, Greensboro/Winston-Salem:

DURHAM, N.C. – A transgender woman man claims she he was escorted out of a public North Carolina restroom by security – but surveillance video shows it might not have happened.

Alexis Adams told WTVD last week that she he was “humiliated beyond belief” and “bystanders were stunned” as security escorted her him out of the Transit Center Thursday…

The video does not show whether or not the custodian said anything to Adams.

WTVD showed Adams the video footage and she he is sticking by her his story. “You had to be there to witness it,” she he said.

Either Claude Rains is working security for the Durham transit system, or it simply didn’t happen. I guess the news station had to say it “might not have happened” for legal reasons? Or maybe they just don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings by making a self-evident statement of fact.

I honestly can’t tell if this young man is lying, or if he genuinely believes that it happened despite visual evidence to the contrary. If your grasp of reality is so tenuous that you look down at your junk and think, “I am a woman,” then why couldn’t you hallucinate a confrontation that never happened? If you can delude yourself about the (ahem) hard fact of your gender, concocting a fantasy of oppression doesn’t seem like a big step. Maybe young Mr. Adams is just trans-truthful.

Or maybe this kid is just full of crap, he wanted some attention, and he didn’t think anybody would call him on it.

Hat tip to Matt Vespa, who also reminds us about another hoaxster who got busted by surveillance footage recently. Remember this cat?

That was a hoax too. And as of last week, Pastor Jordan Brown had skipped the Sunday service at his little church. I haven’t seen anything in the news about him since. Maybe he’s laying low and hoping Whole Foods doesn’t go after him like they said they would.

If you genuinely believe that your cause is just, LGBT boys and/or girls, why do you have to lie in order to further your goals? Isn’t life stressful enough for you folks already, without inventing problems for yourselves? Why live down to the stereotype of hysterical drama queens?