DUMBEST: You Won’t Believe How A California High School Managed To Screw Up This Year’s Diplomas

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Officials at a high school amid the endless sprawl of Southern California actually managed to give out diplomas to this year’s crop of graduating seniors with the word “school” misspelled on the covers.

On Thursday evening, about 550 newly-minted graduates of Ontario High School in Ontario, Calif. received diplomas with fancy, leather-like covers proudly bearing the words “Ontario High Shcool” — with the letters ‘c’ and ‘h’ switched around.

School officials blamed the company that printed the diplomas for the embarrassing glitch, reports NBC Los Angeles.

“The principal has informed all Ontario graduates that the company has been contacted and will mail a corrected diploma cover to each graduate along with an apology letter,” school district superintendent Mathew Holton said in a statement obtained by the station.

On the bright side, the Ontario Class High Class of 2016 was the first to graduate in a new Jaguar athletics stadium on campus.

The diplomas inside the goofed-up covers are fine and valid.

Diploma mistakes happen from time to time across America.

Last year, for example, officials at a high school in small-town Washington managed to emblazon their newly-minted graduates’ high school diploma covers with the state seal of Oregon. (RELATED: High School Manages To Give Out Diplomas Stamped With WRONG STATE)

In 2013, officials at Georgia Regents University, a since-renamed school with gloomy — but ultimately good-hearted — acronym GRU, managed to misspell the word “College” on 14 diplomas. (RELATED: Georgia Regents University Somehow Manages To Misspell ‘College’ On Diplomas)

Somewhat similarly, in 2014, the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority shipped books to every student in the Class of 2015 about how to get into and pay for college with the word “Kentucky” spelled wrong on the spines. (RELATED: Kentucky Education Bureaucrats Fail To Spell KENTUCKY Correctly)

Nobody fixed the embarrassing error in Kentucky because replacing the books would have cost taxpayers approximately $70,000.

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