Alleged Clinton Sexual Assault Victim Responds To Claims Trump Gave Her Financial Support

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Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Kathleen Willey, who alleges she was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton in 1993, released a statement Wednesday vehemently denying allegations that she is campaigning on Donald Trump’s behalf because he paid off her mortgage.

“This morning both FOX and CNN reported that a Clinton spokesman said that Donald Trump had been helping me pay my mortgage payments in return for my going out and campaigning for him on the road. This is entirely untrue,” Willey wrote in a statement obtained by The Daily Caller. “Some friends did set up a GO FUND ME account to help save my home from foreclosure.”

“Although I strongly support Donald Trump he was not among the hundreds of donors and friends who are voluntarily helping me save my home,” Willey said in the statement.

The report that Trump helped pay for her mortgage originates from Media Matters, which was founded by Clinton ally David Brock. Roger Stone, a Trump confidant, said in a February interview that Trump had given money to Willey, “so she can hit the road and start speaking out on Hillary.”

He corrected these comments in a Facebook post Thursday: “When many friends of Kathleen Willey a brave and courageous woman set up a GO FUND ME account to save her house I was told by a member of his staff that Trump had made a on-line contribution. I told Alex Jones this. I was incorrect, It turns out to be have never been made. Therefore [the] charge of Hillary Clinton’s campaign that Trump has ‘made Willey’s mortgage payments to get her to campaign’ is a lie. This is the same old Hillary tactic- attack the woman assaulted by her husband.”

Willey is involved with Stone’s R.A.P.E PAC, which plans to run ads featuring women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. (RELATED: Clinton Sexual Assault Accuser Admires Trump)

A preview of these attacks on Clinton were featured in Willey’s statement. “My comments are my own, but they have paid an army of political operatives and private investigators to silence me about the fact that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted me and Hillary ran the campaign to intimidate and discredit me,” Willey wrote.