Sanders Campaign Manager: It Would Be ‘Difficult’ For Hillary To Run If Under Indictment

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver said Wednesday that if Hillary Clinton is indicted, it would be “difficult” for her to continue running for president.

Appearing on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday, Weaver said that from a “practical standpoint” it would be “difficult to continue running a race.” (VIDEO: Clinton Contradicts IG Report That She Told Staffers Not To Talk About Her Email Account)

“I think that the IG report really speaks for itself,” Weaver told co-host Brian Kilmeade. “Anybody who’s interested in it can certainly go read it and see what they want, but look, the process is still going on with respect to the emails. There’s an FBI investigation going on. I think the State Department proper, as opposed to the IG, is also doing its own investigation, so this process still has a little ways to play out and let’s see where it goes.” (RELATED: State Department IG: Clinton Mishandled Emails, Posed Cybersecurity Risk)

Fellow co-host Ainsley Earhardt then brought up a Rasmussen poll that indicated 50 percent of likely voters think Clinton should continue campaigning until a verdict was decided, while 43 percent think that she should stop campaigning immediately. (VIDEO: Napolitano: ‘Ample Evidence’ To Indict Clinton, Only Lynch Or Obama Could Prevent It)

“Well, that’s obviously a wild hypothetical. I would find it difficult to believe that a candidate who’s under indictment could continue to run,” Weaver replied.

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