Lewandowski: Wouldn’t Change ‘One Second’ Of Time As Trump Campaign Manager [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Ousted campaign manager for Donald Trump, Corey Lewandowski says, “I would not change one second of my time with Mr. Trump other than to say thank you.”

In an interview with MSNBC on Monday, Lewandowski was asked if he had any regrets during his tenure as campaign manager.

“I never look back and say what I could have done differently,” he answered. “I want to work hard as I can, and I’ve tried to do that to the best of my ability.” (RELATED: Lewandowski Out As Trump Campaign Manager)

“And for me giving 100 percent of my effort is really the best I can do, and looking at what we’ve been able to achieve from a historic perspective is so amazing,” Lewandowski said. “Fourteen million votes, running against 16 governors and senators and brothers of presidents and what he’s been able to achieve in this process has been extraordinary. Nobody can ever take that away from him.”

“And I think what you will see moving forward is that the American people will understand that there is only one person who is running for president that is going to create jobs for our country and make our country better and make America great again, and that’s Mr. Trump.”

When asked about how he felt “personally” about Trump, Lewandowski said, “I am honored. I’m so honored and thankful and grateful. It’s been so amazing, and I wouldn’t change one second of my time with Mr. Trump other than to say thank you. It has been a great privilege and an honor.”

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