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Today Gawker is… coming out of the gate and declaring that “Donald Trump is not going to be the president.” Ashley Feinberg predicts that The Donald is going to have to prioritize his reputation and drop out before he is actually defeated. She lays out a few hypothetical strategies he could use to salvage some dignity when – not if – he leaves the race. Why You Should Read It: Feinberg’s confidence is compelling, and it makes Trump-watching more interesting when you consider the game plan she’s posted.



Two interesting covers… one from the New York Daily News, another from the New York Times Magazine:

Politico ran… a short piece by Kelsey Sutton exploring just how much money cable news networks are going to make during this election cycle. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot. “According to Bloomberg’s Gerry Smith, CNN is charging advertisers anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000 for 30-second ad spots during the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions, anywhere from 8 to 20 times as much as a normal prime-time commercial, which averages around $5,000.”  Fox News executive vice president of news and editorial, Jay Wallace, predicted that the first presidential debate “may be [the] highest-watched show we’ve seen in years” outside of the Super Bowl.” Read It If You Want To

Robert Leonard… a native Iowan and radio reporter who covered Trump at the Iowa Caucus in January has an op-ed in  The Hill. The gist: He thinks the media should celebrate the Fourth of July differently this year – by putting a voluntary ban on all coverage of Donald Trump in protest of his blocking several news outlets from covering his events. Leonard argues that “Trump banning media impinges not only the First Amendment, but is a threat to democracy itself.” He said a Fourth of July ban would symbolize the media doubling down on its commitment to free speech and freedom from oppression – in this case, by Mr. Trump. Why You Should Read It: Another proposed Trump blackout, with a solid argument and an interesting question: “When will he stop? When he has a subservient and compliant media that only fawns over him?”

Finally… Tim Miller, former Jeb Bush 2016 campaign communications director, has something to say about Trump’s disastrously low funding: