Trump Takes Notes As Hugh Hewitt Gives Him 10 Pieces Of Advice [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt took advantage of Donald Trump’s appearance on his program Thursday to give him recommendations on how to beat Hillary Clinton, and it appears that the presumptive Republican nominee took notes.

Hugh Hewitt, Donald Trump, Screen shot Hugh Hewitt YouTube, 2-29-2016

Hewitt’s first of 10 recommendation was to “name either Tom Cotton or Chris Christie as your vice president.”

Trump responded, “Well, I can say, I can’t give you any clues or anything right now, because I do have a lot of respect for those two guys. But I have a lot of respect for others also. Chris came out very early and endorsed me. I’ve gotten very good, you know, very good statements from Sen. Cotton, who is a, you know, who I know, whose parents I know and met. I think that he is a very talented guy. He’s also very popular. He’s a very popular person. So these are two names that I have high on the list for something at least, that I can tell you.”

Hewitt’s second recommendation for Trump was to name the people who would be on his cabinet.

Trump agreed, saying, “I would be inclined to do a lot of it early. You don’t have to do all of it, but a lot of it early, actually.”

Hewitt’s third recommendation was for Trump to begin practicing his debate skills in preparation for facing Clinton. Trump replied, “Obviously I will be practicing, but I don’t want to put so much practice in that all of a sudden, you’re not who you are.”

The radio host even volunteered to assist Trump with his debate prep.


Hewitt then recommended how he should attack Clinton: “Hamas V. Hezbollah, the number of carriers, and … the chain of command,” plus “gotcha” questions.

Trump said, “I have plenty of gotcha for her too, if she plays that game.” (VIDEO: Trump Goes After Hillary’s ‘I’m With Her’ Slogan: ‘I’m With You, The American People’)

Another one of Hewitt’s recommendations was to “know how to prosecute the damage she did to national security with that server.”

Trump said that he would prosecute the case against Clinton, adding that what Clinton did while secretary of state were “criminal acts at the highest level.”

Hewitt then gave Trump the opportunity to have a “Sister Souljah moment where you rebuke the crazy one percent out there who say they’re with you but are anti-Semitic and supremacists and all.”

Trump said, “I rejected them so strongly and so harshly.”

Hewitt then recommended that Trump allow The Washington Post back into his events. Trump replied, “Well, you know, it’s a very dishonest newspaper. And it’s really there so that Amazon doesn’t pay tax, and, frankly, that’s just a toy for Amazon.”

Hewitt’s eighth recommendation was for Trump to repeat what he called President Barack Obama’s six-word legacy of “leading from behind, red line and jayvees.”

Upon hearing Hewitt’s recommendation, Trump replied, “Uh-huh, and especially jayvees. Hold it. I’m going to mark that down. … I’m writing that down as we go.”

Hewitt’s ninth recommendation was for Trump to feature his children, Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka at “every single event.” Trump replied that his children were “good” and that they “have done so well … it’s really nice.”

Hewitt’s final bit of advice was for Trump to appear on his radio program twice so he can get the “best training” in preparation for facing off against Clinton.

Trump said, “I wouldn’t mind doing it.”

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