Lagniappe: Private Meetings And Protectionism

Campbell North Contributor
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1.  Democrats are unhappy with Clinton-Lynch private meeting and possible conflict of interest in Benghazi investigation

2.  The New York Times chose to ignore controversial Clinton-Lynch meeting

3.  Tim Kaine accepted monetary gifts, making him a political liability on Clinton’s VP short-list

4. Why Elizabeth Warren might be Clinton’s best VP pick 

5.  “In defense of (healthy) Nationalism

6.  Trump candidacy brings Republican Party back to protectionist roots of the 19th-century

7.  Bill Scher and Matt Lewis on protectionism, Brexit, Sanders and more

8.  “RNC rules fight begins with plan to lock in Donald Trump”

9.  Sen. Mike Lee refuses to endorse Trump: “He accused my best friend’s father of conspiring to kill JFK”

10.  Brexit advocate Boris Johnson won’t run for prime minister

11. Paul Ryan to attend town hall hosted by CNN in anticipation of RNC

12. Fantastic discussion between Matt Lewis and John Ziegler on how “conservative media sold out and gave us Trump”