House To Vote On Counterterrorism Bill That Names ‘Radical Islamist Terrorism’ As Threat

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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The House is expected to vote soon on a counterterrorism bill that names “radical Islamist terrorism” as a threat to the nation. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced the legislation last Friday as part of an effort to combat “dangerous radical Islamist ideology.” The bill is currently in committee.

According to a press statement from Leader McCarthy, H.R. 5611, the Homeland Safety and Security Act, intends to “provide more tools and resources to combat the spread of dangerous radical Islamist ideology and help our law enforcement agencies prevent future attacks on our soil.”

The statement goes on to say, “It will also provide a process for individuals being investigated as known or suspected terrorists who attempt to buy a gun to be flagged, delayed, and —if the burden of proof is satisfied—denied their purchase.”

“The San Bernardino and Orlando attacks, as well as attacks on our allies across the world, have shown us that ISIS’s hatred and violence is not contained to Iraq and Syria,” the statement continues.

The bill follows counter-terrorism legislation proposed by House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul, which was overwhelmingly passed by the House but failed to specifically mention “radical Islamic” terrorism.

Additionally, the McCaul legislation provides authorization for the Department of Homeland Security to continue Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) training, which forces politically correct instruction on its law enforcement.

The McCarthy bill, some say, sought to remedy the vagueness of the national security threat that McCaul’s bill did not address, but the CVE training is still an issue, one critic noted to The Daily Caller.


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