Bernie Sanders Gets Booed By Democrat Superdelegates

REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was booed by House Democrats during a meeting Wednesday which touched on his continual lack of an endorsement for Hillary Clinton.

During the meeting Wednesday morning Sanders told Democrat congressmen that the goal of elections isn’t necessarily winning, a statement that was met with boos.

“To say, as he did, that the goal is not to win elections but for people to embrace his ideas is disconnected from what we are trying to do here. He had a chance to talk about getting things done and instead talked about prolonging his process,” someone present at the meeting told Politico.

The attendee also said, “It was frustrating because he’s squandering the movement he built with a self-obsession that was totally on display.”

Sanders has yet to endorse Hillary Clinton, but has stated that he plans to vote for her. He has still not left the Democratic race for the presidential nomination.

“My message was a simple message: We have got to fight for the needs of the middle class and working families of this country. We got to get people involved in the political process, we got to get a large voter turnout, and if we have a larger voter turnout, Democrats will regain control of the Senate and I believe they’re gonna take the House back,” Sanders said as he left the meeting.

The Vermont senator also commented on the FBI press conference Tuesday that announced no recommendation of charges for Clinton’s “extremely careless” handing of classified material.

“Yesterday was an important part of that process. Now we wait to hear from the Justice Department,” Sanders said.