French Authorities Are Responsible For The Ongoing Bloodbath

Veronique Dorey Freelance Writer
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Since January 2015, attacks on Western soil are regular breaking news. They now happen to countries like Turkey and Bangladesh too, but France remains the most targeted of all. These attacks are the result of failing immigration and homeland security policies.

France is fighting on several fronts in the Middle East and Africa. We can’t deny it, but with poor budgets we have to tell it like it is. There is a nasty finger-pointing habit within the French mentality, typical of liberal governments, when it comes to criticizing Muslim immigration policy.

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the presumed attacker, was 31 and actually from Nice, he lived there and had 3 kids. His neighbors described him as silent and discreet. Very quickly, you’ll read that he was a depressed person and was not even practicing his religion. That’s all a liberal propaganda. Being of Muslim descent is relevant even if they don’t go to the Mosque. Islamic culture is all about brotherhood. Muslims don’t belong to a country; they belong to Muslim society, the Ummah. And it makes a real difference with our Western civic approach.

Hollande had taken some measures after the 2015 attacks but nothing as realistic as slowing down on immigration waves from Middle East and Muslim countries of Africa. The implementation of the measures announced in 2015 like: recruitments (intelligence, police) and new weapons are still on-going. But now, some French people consider European governments as pro-Islamic because they are censored and accused to be bigots when they question the Muslim Immigration policy.

Will the French Intelligence receives the 400 millions of Euros promised to increase the protection of civilians? That was announced by Bernard Cazeneuve quite recently (Homeland Security Minister of France).

But Cazeneuve is actually reluctant to copy models of foreign intelligence procedure. What does that mean? Protecting Muslim groups and their personal information from foreign intelligence requests?

Amazingly, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls proposed more profiling and special quarters in French jails to deal with members of terrorist groups. But reality is catching up with a lack of willingness to implement. And it’s way too late. One doesn’t need to be an anthropologist to understand that 8 million Muslims will create a clash of civilizations in a small country like France.

So, what happened to this proposition from the Conservatives/Republicans in France? “La peine d’indignite nationale” or civic penalty for shameful acts committed by French citizens. It was actually supported by some socialists; the objective was to dissuade ISIS followers to attack. This bill said that your civic rights, passport and nationality could be removed from you if you are a terrorist. It did not pass.

Unless we admit our laxity in terms of immigration, nothing will change. We don’t have a choice, we’ have to step back on our own values, deport and be selective about who we have in our countries and who we accept as citizens.

Some people will have to lose their nationality and be deported if they show too many red flags in connection with anti-West groups. How to find them? How to decide their future? That’s the most difficult part. How can we vet the real faith of somebody? It’s impossible to do and there is a freedom of opinion to respect. But what if this opinion is that non-believers should be killed because they refuse to be Muslims?

Trump is the voice of reason. NATO needs a huge reform. We are facing a new kind of war, a cultural one, with ISIS fanatics who don’t care about Barack Obama strategy of not offending Muslims.

France, the UK, and Germany are scared to profile because they still carry the shame of what happened to the Jewish people during the Second World War. I understand that. But today the situation is different. The Jewish people who where victims of anti-Semitic laws in Europe were innocent. We can’t compare them to today’s Islamic jihadists.

Reading the survey of the Pew foundation, the one Trump cited several times, I understand that a majority of Muslims support the Sharia law and a fringe of them wants to impose it to non-believers. This smaller fringe is actually big enough to represent a little army in our Western countries.

Western governments are guilty when they don’t protect us more and don’t allow concealed carry weapons. As we can see, guns have nothing to do with the problem. This new attack shows that anti-gun laws won’t prevent a radical Islam-inspired man or woman from attacking us.