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Hillary Worries Baton Rouge Shooting Undercuts Criminal Justice Reform

REUTERS/William Philpott

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist

Hillary Clinton mixed her Monday condemnation of a black racist’s slaughter of three cops with fretful concern that the killings could crimp efforts to fight police brutality.

Wow. Imagine how Hillary and liberals would react if Donald Trump said a recent highly-publicized case of date rape is deplorable but should not keep Americans from telling women to dress more modestly, since skimpy outfits are a big problem in this country.

But Clinton engaged in exactly that kind of casual equivocation in her remarks to the NAACP convention in Ohio. Calling the shooting a “terrible crime” she said this “madness has to stop” — but people need to keep their eyes on the prize.

“Many African-Americans fear the police,” Hillary declared. “And today, there are people all across America sick over what happened in Baton Rouge and in Dallas but also fearful that the murders of police officers  means that vital questions about police-community relations will go unanswered.”

More equivocation followed.

“As president, I will bring the full weight of the law to bear and making sure those who kill police officers are brought to justice. And let’s admit it, there is clear evidence that African-Americans are disproportionately killed in police incidents compared to any other group. And African-American men are far more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charged with crimes and sentenced to longer prison terms than white men convicted of the same offenses. These facts tell us something is profoundly wrong. We can’t ignore that, we can’t wish it away.”

Actually, an exhaustive Harvard University study by a black professor  concluded there is no racial bias in police shootings.

Hillary’s rhetorical sleight of hand is worth comparing to how mainstream pro-life groups in November 2015 unequivocally condemned an abortion opponent fatally shooting three people, including one police officer, at a Colorado Planned Parenthood.

Americans United for Life, the pro-life movement’s legal arm, for example, decried the attack in no uncertain terms.

“Our prayers and concern are with the victims today of the Colorado Springs shooting, people who did not deserve such violence,” their statement said. “We are heartbroken for the families grieving the loss of their loved ones, especially during this time that is supposed to be one of national Thanksgiving and family celebration. We categorically condemn this violence. While we don’t know all the details of this horrific event, we know that it was an evil act, one condemned by pro-life Americans nationwide.”