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Sheriff David Clarke Educates Don Lemon On #BlackLivesMatter

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Gavin Eugene Long was an angry racist who praised Dallas cop-killer Micah Xavier Johnson. He was a black supremacist. On Sunday, he killed three Baton Rouge police officers after luring them in with a 911 call. He was an evil, cowardly, murdering piece of crap.

If there was any way to blame the usual suspects — Christians, Republicans, white people, the NRA — that’s what we’d be seeing right now. But there isn’t. So now it’s “let’s not jump to conclusions.” Suddenly, the same people who’ve been stoking the flames are trying to put them out.

We’ve been hearing for years that the cops are a bunch of evil racists who are running around murdering black people without compunction. We have an entire movement centered around a lie: “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.” Now, those same race-baiters are begging us not to look at the evidence of the motives of cop-killers.

Sheriff David Clarke has had enough, and last night he let Don Lemon know about it.

I almost feel bad for Don Lemon. He’s just not equipped to debate David Clarke. Hell, he’s not equipped to debate Emilia Clarke. It wasn’t a fair fight, and maybe Clarke should’ve eased up on him a bit. But I’m glad the sheriff set him straight on national television. It won’t do any good for Lemon, who is never going to get any smarter, but maybe a few viewers will see the light.

The whole presupposition of #BlackLivesMatter is that the cops think otherwise. It’s not true, and it’s racist to accuse them of it. The only people dividing us up by race are the ones who are now trying to distance themselves from these cop-killers.

But that’s the great thing about being the designated victim. No matter what happens… you’re the victim. That gives you absolute moral authority, regardless of whether or not you’re telling the truth. The other guy had better shut up, or you’ll call him a racist.

Ain’t it grand?

Get ready for more of this violence against police officers. Get ready to reap what these divisive cretins have sown.

(Hat tip: Politistick)