Tanya Tucker Is Behind The Police — Here’s How She’s Proving It

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Tanya Tucker is proving that she supports police officers.

Tanya Tucker

(Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Webster PR)

The 57-year-old country star — along with The Oak Ridge Boys and T.G. Sheppard — are hosting a benefit concert so they can donate all of the proceeds to the Dallas Police Association’s “Assist the Officer Foundation,” which “provides immediate financial assistance to an officer’s family in the event of the death of an active officer.”

Five officers were shot and killed in Dallas recently when a sniper opened fire during a Black Lives Matter protest. (RELATED: Florida Georgia Line Requests No Police Presence While Backstage At Their Concert)

“I don’t consider myself a celebrity, but I know I need to protect myself and my family when I’m on the road and in the public eye,” Tucker said during an interview with Fox 411. “Everywhere I go, they’re there — the men and women — in blue making sure I’m safe, my family is safe and my band and crew are safe. So it’s important to me to support our law enforcement.”

“You know every night when I do shows there are security guys who wear t-shirts and there are police officers who protect us.”


“It’s important because as an artist, it’s what we do. We have to lift people up when they’re sad and frustrated. Music is a healer, so I feel a personal responsibility to entertain when it’s needed the most.