Hillary Panders To Chris Wallace: My Mom Watched Fox

Derek Draplin Associate Editor
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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was sure to point out during her interview on “Fox News Sunday” with host Chris Wallace that her mom was a Fox viewer.

Chris Wallace: You talked a lot in the convention about your mom and about her hard childhood and about her resilience and the lessons she taught you. I wonder in these last few days, have you been thinking of her, and what do you imagine she’s been thinking of you?

Hillary Clinton: I think about her every day, particularly during the convention, I thought a lot about her when Chelsea got up to speak, because she and my daughter were so close. I thought a lot about her when I walked out onto the stage to deliver that address. And actually that was the part of the speech that concerned me the most. Any time I talk about my mom, I get very overcome. She wouldn’t like what you saw at the Republican Convention, where, you know, just the outrageous things that were said and kind of normalization of really offensive rhetoric in our politics. She wouldn’t have like any of that. She was a big Fox viewer, I will tell you.

Wallace: Really?

Clinton: Yes, she was.

Wallace: Why didn’t you take that from her?

Clinton: Well, I once said to her — and she would get upset, I’ll be honest with you, she would get upset when people you had on would say these terrible things about me. And that was when I was a senator running for president and for the first two year as secretary of state. And I would say, ‘well, mom, if it upsets you so much, why do you keep watching?’ She said, ‘well I like some of the people and I have to know what the other ones are saying so I can understand and be against it.’ So I think she had a very strategic reason for watching. She said to me one time, ‘you know, Hillary, I don’t understand. You were such a wonderful child to raise, you never gave me a minute’s trouble or worry, then you become an adult and you get into politics and I just worry all the time.’ So she would worry, but she would be encouraging and she would say what she said to me when I was four years old in the face of a bully, because honestly I think that describes my opponent. 

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