Napolitano: If Hillary Becomes President There Will Be ‘A Lot Of Antipathy’ From Intel Community [VIDEO]

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Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Tuesday that if Hillary Clinton were to become president, “she’s going to have a lot of antipathy towards her by people in the intelligence community” because of her “extreme carelessness” in handling classified information.

Appearing on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends,” Napolitano reacted to William Binney, a former National Security Agency official, claiming it was the NSA that hacked the Democratic National Committee instead of Russia. (RELATED: Mook Suggests DNC Was Hacked By The Russians In Order To Help Trump [VIDEO])

“I do believe it,” Napolitano said. “One of the reasons there’s so much anxiety about Mrs. Clinton from intelligence community is the belief that some of the materials that she handled with such extreme carelessness — I’m using Jim Comey’s phrase– in my opinion it was criminal but in the FBI director’s opinion it was extreme carelessness, contained the names of American undercover intelligence agents, some of whom are no longer with us. This is the belief of a lot of people in the intelligence community.” (RELATED: ‘EXTREMELY CARELESS’ — FBI Director Comey Says Clinton Mishandled Classified Info [VIDEO])

“If Mrs. Clinton does become president of the United States, she’s going to have a lot of antipathy towards her by people in the intelligence community,” Napolitano said. “This is the tip of the iceberg.”

Later, Napolitano added that Binney “is saying of the 60,000 NSA agents and contractors, there’s a critical mass who fear Mrs. Clinton’s presidency and more likely than not hacked into the DNC and leaked this.”


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