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Quote of the Day:

“I’ve gone 4 nights w/o having 3+ drinks, getting to bed around 2:30 am, and eating pulled pork exclusively. I miss the conventions.”

HuffPost‘s non-kosher Sam Stein.



As usual, WaPo race reporter Wesley Lowery LOVES The Daily Caller 

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And now for an optimistic Wednesday message…

“It’s not even 11 am yet, and it’s already clear this is going to be a day steeped in horseshit.” — Politico‘s Edward-Isaac Dovere.


“God bless my credit card company for raising my limit, but also damn my credit card company for raising my limit.” — Kelly Cohen, Washington Examiner.

Quote Without Context 

“Speaking of flame wars: Diet Coke is terrible and hot dogs and ketchup are magical.” — Ben Smith, social media guru, Washington Examiner.

Trump campaign blames the media (again) 

Kevin Cirilli works for Bloomberg. 

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This one is for you Mediaite‘s Tommy Christopher! 

Backstory: Christopher cannot stomach watermelon because he thinks it’s an insult to black people. 

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So much for that intervention for Donald Trump

“Newt Gingrich is now saying the stories about a Trump ‘invervention’ are bullshit.” — Martosko, Daily Mail. 

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CNN’s Carol Costello says she was sexually harassed  

“As a strong and powerful woman who was sexually harassed in my twenties, I say that’s not true,” Costello said on CNN Wednesday morning reacting to Eric Trump‘s commentary that women should report harassment to human resources. “Anyone could be harassed. It’s also scary to report abuse: I feared being blackballed in my field. That’s why I did not report it.” At the end of her rant, she thanked Ivanka for attempting to clean up her family’s words, saying, “Thanks, Ivanka, for trying.”

Politico PR promotes Britney Spears’ new album

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