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NY Post Says Weiner Tried To Meet GOP Women He Chatted Up Online

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist
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If Hillary Clinton feels compelled to profess bipartisan credentials to counter criticism she would feel the Bern as president, maybe she can point out her key aide’s hubby has even tried to hook up with Republican women.

While he worked for her own top fundraiser’s PR firm!

Or maybe not.

But Carlos Danger, whose July flirtatious texts to a “woman” named “Nikki” the Post just exposed yesterday, certainly sounds quite Republican-friendly today.

The New York Post front page story claims  that when Weiner worked for for MWW Public Relations he sent “flirtatious messages” to a “prominent Republican woman” and a GOP campaign volunteer.

The Post cites an unidentified source who claims the unidentified GOP power lady told her Weiner repeatedly tried to arrange a hook-up.

“Now that I don’t have the New York Post following me around maybe we can get together,” Weiner allegedly told her.

She blew him off, “It has nothing to do with The Post, it has everything to do with you.”

But Weiner (D-Schlongsville) persisted, “It always has to do with me, let me show you.”

The Post says its source worked with Weiner at the time. The target of Weiner’s affections alleged asked her for advice.

“She was disgusted, and she wanted to make political hay of this,” the New York Post Deep Throat claimed. “But I said, ‘You don’t want your name attached or associated with this in any way.’ Nothing good ever comes with being associated with Anthony Weiner.’”

The other unidentified woman was a GOP campaign volunteer. She claims Weiner asked to meet her in person after they tweeted.

Confronted by the Post Saturday with his wife outside their posh Manhattan apartment Weiner insisted, like O.J. Simpson, he was being framed. Also by a white man—except this time it was Post owner Rupert Murdoch, not Detective Mark Fuhrman.

He did not directly address the new allegations about his attempt to seduce Republican women.

But Weiner insisted the Saturday story—that he was catfished by a male Republican student activist masquerading as a girlie-girl named “Nikki”—was “a set up by you guys, obviously.”

“It was totally busted as well. Another Murdoch set up.”

But why did he give “Nikki” his number if he knew she was a plant? “That was a way to bust you people.”

Really, Tony? By handing over your personal cell phone number to an undercover enemy operative? And even telling “her” how to use it to find your location? All in the course of sending more than 60 texts, including stuff about your “staff” and sexual fantasies, to “Nikki?”

Normally quite the chatterbox he hopped into a “parked” SUV and “sped off,” the Post reports.

Weiner later emailed the Post a classic non-denial denial about his electronic entreaties to the Republican woman. “Are you asking me if I met with people while I worked at a government-relations/p.r. company?”

“Of course, I did. I even met with New York Post reporters I’m sure.”

“My job was to buy people lunches and drinks etc.”

Including a random Republican woman volunteer?

And why would he need to meet a prominent Republican Party activist for business purposes? If he were meeting Republicans for the firm wouldn’t they be elected officials who had influence over issues of concern to clients?

Nothing could be located online that indicates Weiner met with Post reporters while at MWW. Weiner did not respond to a tweet this afternoon asking for their names.

But why would the company dispatch him to arrange such meetings, anyway? Especially, if, by Weiner’s own account, the Post is out to get him? How would such meetings help clients?

The paper trail says the opposite. In an August 2015 item that sounded sourced from within MWW, gossip columnist Richard Johnson reported that Weiner’s presence was embarrassing their clients.

He resigned that September.

But is his war on Republican women going to continue?