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Mika And Joe Let Trump’s Relationship Rumors Hang Like ‘Turds’

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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After taking a Monday beating from GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski let his remarks about their alleged romance drift in the wind.

MSNBC “Morning Joe” regular Donny Deutsch characterized Trump’s remarks “like turds.”

“The etiquette,” Deutsch began on Tuesday morning’s program, “Do we address the tweets? Do we not? We just leave them hovering like turds? What do we do?

Bloomberg PoliticsJohn Heilemann asked shockingly, “Hovering like turds?”

On Monday, Trump watched the show he previously appeared on regularly as “unwatchable.” He called Mika “neurotic” and a “not very bright mess.”

He also outed Scarborough and Brzezinski’s as a couple.

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Scarborough deflected Deutsch’s “hovering turds” by bringing up Deutsch’s bowels. “We don’t want to address your plumbing habits,” he cracked.

Mika simply said, “No.” And tried to move on with the “news.”

Deutsch attempted to defend Mika, saying, “He went after our mom here, which I didn’t think was cool.”

Another male voice intervened, “Our sister.” (It was not Scarborough’s voice.)

Scarborough, again deflecting the whole thing, said, “Other than helping me gain Twitter followers, he was in the middle of what was supposed to be a reset.”

This was Brzezinski’s chance to take a stab. “He can’t control himself,” she said, irritation layering every sentiment in her soul. “Everything he said can’t be unsaid. So let’s move on.”