NINJA-CLAD Abortion Enthusiast Ambushes Campus Pro-Life Display With Wooden Club [VIDEO]

YouTube screenshots/CreatedEqualFilms

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Here’s some amazing raw video of an angry person on the campus of Ohio University who dressed up like a ninja and violently knocked over some signs filled with fetuses.

The video footage, recorded Friday by Bobcats for Life, shows the attacker — clad from head to toe in black in ninja garb and carrying some kind of wooden, club-like weapon — springing into action to assault a pair of large signs on the taxpayer-funded university quad.

The signs, and others like them, featured gruesome images of slaughtered fetuses and various factoids about the horrors of abortion, according to Campus Reform.

The video, published on YouTube by the Columbus-based anti-abortion group Created Equal, shows the hooded, sign-ambushing ninja — a man, apparently, with notably dainty legs — as he storms two signs on display.

The ninja-festooned, pro-abortion bandit thumps repeatedly on both signs with the wooden club.

“Sir, you do not have a right to touch our equipment,” an unseen camera operator declares. “Please back away from our equipment.”

An anti-abortion activist then approaches the pro-abortion ninja as the ninja wanders toward a group of counter-protesters.

The ninja holds up the wooden club to the anti-abortion activist — as if it were perhaps a single nunchuck. Then, he flees rapidly away.


The pro-abortion ninja “premeditated the attack by first mingling with his fellow abortion supporters” prior to putting on the ninja garb, a Created Equal summary of the incident explains.

“Suddenly he concealed his identity with a hood and mask and began swinging wildly at several of the abortion victim images.”

“After vandalizing the display, the masked hoodlum squared off with a Created Equal staff member in a clear attempt to threaten him with violence if he attempted to apprehend him.”

Bobcats for Life president Jacob Hoback told Campus Reform the incident was “very scary.”

The abortion-loving ninja remains on the lam.

The abortion opponents at Created Equal have experienced other run-ins with abortion enthusiasts in Ohio. In 2013, for example, an angry woman on the Ohio State campus knocked over some signs filled with fetuses. Then, thanks to the calm argument of an abortion protester, she ended up apologizing and picking up the signs she just knocked over. (RELATED: How To Stop A Crazed Abortion Enthusiast On The Warpath)

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