CNN Reporter Assaulted On Live TV During Charlotte Riots [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Adam Rhew/Charlotte Magazine

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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CNN reporter Ed Lavandera was assaulted while reporting live from Charlotte, N.C., where protests over the recent police shooting death of a black man have turned violent.

Lavandera was updating Anderson Cooper on the tense situation there on the ground when a rioter entered the camera frame and rammed into him with a lowered shoulder.

Lavandera was seen tumbling to the ground as the camera panned away. It is unclear if the attacker continued assaulting the reporter.

Protests kicked off on Tuesday after a black police officer fatally shot Keith Lamont Hill while attempting to serve a warrant on another man. Hill was shot after exiting his vehicle. His family claimed that he was holding a book, but Kerr Putney, Charlotte’s police chief, who is also black, said that Hill had a gun on him when he was shot.

On Tuesday, 12 police officers were injured during the violent protests.


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