Cuban: I Never Had A Front Row Seat At Debate

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — Hillary Clinton supporter and billionaire Mark Cuba told reporters Monday night before the first presidential debate that despite his tweet that he had a front row seat to the debate, that was not really the case.

“When I tweeted that I was going to be in the first row I didn’t have a first row seat. I knew it would get under his skin and drive him crazy. Mission accomplished. I really got tickets because I wanted to bring my 13-year-old daughter whose birthday it was yesterday,” Cuban said.

Cuban explained, “We’ve been getting death threats and a bunch of Trumpians have been trying to hack everything we’ve have, so I’ve had to spend everything we have dealing with security. So that’s unfortunate, but I don’t blame that on Donald. Third I’m not here to cause a scene. I’m not here to jump up and down. Donald will do that on his own. He doesn’t need any help from anybody else.”

Cuban also said he has no plans to “stare down” or give “stink eye” to Trump either.

Cuban’s original tweet set off a firestorm of Clinton scandal history. On Saturday, Trump tweeted if Cuban was going to attend the debate, “perhaps I will put Gennifer Flowers right alongside of him!”

Trump’s campaign immediately clarified he was making a point and just floating the idea.

*Update-Cuban sat front and center at the debate in Hempstead.

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