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The Hill’s Columnist Dings NYT Reporter, Brags About Himself

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The Hill‘s lefty columnist Brent Budowsky sure has a lot of opinions that he likes to vomit out to Hillary Clinton‘s Campaign Chairman John Podesta.

Podesta doesn’t always respond to Budowski. But it appears Budowsky thinks the two men are close despite Podesta telling longtime Clinton aide Cheryl Mills that Budowski has “no following.”

In Monday’s installment from WikiLeaks, Budowsky dings NYT reporter Amy Chozick for writing a hit piece involving President Bill Clinton’s nutty old man behavior. He hails Bill Clinton as the “Babe Ruth of politics.”

The ass kissing just doesn’t stop with this guy.

Date: March 29, 2015

Subject: NYT Bill Clinton story

Granted that Amy Chozick will not go down in the history of great political reporters, it [sic] get tiring enduring stories about the brilliant opinions of ‘The Clinton Team.’. Amy insults Bill Clinton by making him look like a geriatric case who needs to be controlled by consultants, and the consultants insult Hillary Clinton by making her look like a candidate whose heart, brain and husband are managed by consultants. ‘The Clinton Team’ is diminishing both Bill and Hillary Clinton and it is not good. Bill Clinton is the Babe Ruth of politics and it is idiocy–and wrong— for him to be insulted by ‘The Clinton Team’ in the New York Times. Brent”

Podesta did not respond.

In March of 2016, Budowsky humored Podesta with stories from 1972 when he worked for John Lindsay. Budowski tells Podesta if they ever meet for a beer he will have him “on the floor laughing.” He also informs Podesta that the Trumps had to have been doing business with some “very unsavory characters” in the 1970s.

Date: 2016-03-17 21:47

Subject: Quick Point about Trump….

“When you mentioned the mayor, when I was 20 years old I worked for John Lindsay first in the 1972 Florida primary and then in NY. The short version is that the Lindsay people had me run a city council campaign in Woodside, Queens. While I was just a kid, suffice it to say that both the Italian and Irish mafia guys had an interest in the campaign on different sides. If we ever have a beer I will have you on the floor laughing about when they made my acquaintance because they didn’t like what I was doing…. Key point here….I guarantee there is no way that the Trumps were doing real estate deals in Queens and Brooklyn in the 1970’s without doing serious business with some very unsavory characters. No way. I am surprised it has not (yet) been reported about.”

Podesta did not respond.

The Mirror previously reported that Clinton’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill called Chozick an “idiot” in an email to longtime Clinton friend Capricia Marshall.

The Mirror sought comment from Chozick.