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WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton Considered These Campaign Slogans

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Ted Goodman Contributor
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New documents released by the site WikiLeaks revealed a list of taglines that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton considered using as her slogan for the 2016 campaign.

The email was sent from Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook to a group of campaign strategists and pollsters, and included an attachment that listed 85 potential slogans that the campaign could employ.

While Republican nominee Donald Trump came out of the gate with the slogan, “Make America Great Again,” the Clinton campaign went through a long, drawn out process in order to settle on a slogan.

The document attached to the email lists the potential slogans under one of eight themes; 1) Fairness/Families, 2) Fighter, 3) Basic Bargain/Make America Work, 4) Results/Count on, 5) Strength, 6) In it together, 7) Future/Forward, and 8) It’s about you.

The campaign decided to use “Stronger Together” as its slogan for the campaign, which was listed under the theme of “strength.”

Theme: Fairness/Families

A fair shot and a fair deal /

Hillary – For Fairness. For Families. /

Building a fairer future today /

Fairness worth the fight /

Fairness First. /

Putting Fairness First /

A fair chance for families /

A fair fight for families /

You’ve earned a fair shot /

You’ve earned a fair chance /

A fair chance to get ahead /

Families first /

Building a fairer future /

Fairness for all our families /

Theme: Fighter

Fighting for Fairness. Fighting for you. /

She’s got your back /

Your family is her fight /

Your family. Her fight /

Your future is her fight /

Your future. Her fight. /

A force for families /

No Quit /

A fighting chance for families /

Theme: Basic Bargain/Making America Work

Renewing America’s promise /

Renewing our basic bargain /

A new promise for a new time /

A better bargain for a better tomorrow /

Get ahead. Stay ahead. /

A better bargain. For all. /

An America that works for you. /

An America built for you. /

A new bargain for a stronger America /

Time for a better bargain. /

Putting America to work for you /

Making America work for you /

A promise you can count on /

Theme: Strength

Stronger together /

A stronger tomorrow /

Strength and fairness /

Together we’re strong /

Strength you can count on /

A stronger America working for you /

The ideas we need and the strength to deliver /

A stronger America for a new day /

America’s strength. America’s promise. /

American strength from American families /

Stronger at home /

For an America that leads /

America gets strong when you get ahead /

A stronger America one family at a time /

Strength for all our families /

Theme: Results/Count on

Real Fairness; Real Solutions /

New Solutions Real Results /

A new bargain we can count on. /

Progress for the rest of us /

Theme: In it together

Progress for people /

Progress for all /

Getting ahead together /

Making America work. Together. /

Moving Ahead. Together. /

Theme: Future/Forward

Your future. Your terms. /

Lifting us up. Moving us forward. /

Building tomorrow’s America /

Building a better tomorrow /

Our Families, Our Future /

Secure the Future /

A future worth fighting for /

For your family. For America’s future /

Don’t turn back /

Keep moving /

Move up /

Rise Up /

Own the future /

Go further /

Move ahead /

Climb higher /

Unleash opportunity /

Theme: It’s about you

It’s about you. It’s about time /

It’s about time…and it’s about you. /

It’s about you. /

Because your time is now /

It’s your turn /

It’s your time /

It’s your time /

Next begins with you /

Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon told NPR that “stronger together” is a shorter, “21st century” version of the idea behind “It Takes A Village,” the title of Clinton’s 1996 book. “She, I think, was struggling in the Democratic primaries to identify a message and a tag line that summed up the purpose of her campaign,” former top Obama strategist David Axelrod opined. “Donald Trump has given her a purpose.”

WikiLeaks has released thousands of emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account. The leaked emails exposed the inner workings of the Hillary Clinton campaign and how the campaign is run behind closed doors.

The emails have revealed the transcripts of paid speeches that Clinton gave to Wall Street and paid speeches that she gave to foreign banks where she supported open trade and open borders. The campaign has refused to release or discuss the paid speeches.

The Clinton campaign has refused to confirm the authenticity of all the emails, and instead has pushed the message that they are victims of Russian hackers trying to swing the election in Trump’s favor. The strategy is to question the veracity of the emails, rather than attempt to defend its contents.

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