Trump Launches Search For Homeless Woman Who Protected Trump Hollywood Star

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Donald Trump launched a search for the Los Angeles homeless woman who protected Trump’s Hollywood star after vandals damaged it last week and she was later pummeled  for shielding the location of the site.

“Mr. Trump cares about not only finding her but he wants us to do something special for her,” Trump attorney Michael Cohen told The Daily Caller Saturday. “But he also wants to find those who stood around and mocked her and jeered at her and did nothing, while this woman sat on the floor protecting this star that was awarded to him by Hollywood.”

Cohen confirmed that the Trump wanted to find help for the woman “and possibly more.”

Cohen says he has reached out to Hollywood friends of his who live and work in the area who agreed to help find the woman. Although she has not been located yet, one source, according to Cohen, will continue to return to the location of the Trump Hollywood star on a daily basis until she is found. Additionally, plans for a GoFundMe page are in the works for the woman.

“Already, I have received multiple names from several people through Twitter and social media. We are verifying these names to ensure the right person receives the gift from Mr. Trump.”

“It’s clearly hard enough for her being in those circumstances but least of all having to go through this,” Cohen said.

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